This is a page dedicated to Dave and Joey's Fieros.

This is Dave's 1987 GT V8 show car. It is equipped with four Weber 44IDF carburetors and hooked up to a Getrag 5 speed. This car is best described as a viscous animal that won't let up. The torque from this engine will pin you in your seat.

This is Joey's one of a kind Volkswagen powered VR6 Fiero. Dave spent ten months to get this swap completed. It still runs off the VW electronics. Joey designed the lifelike fire and Pegasus design on the hood and hired a talented airbrush artist to design her dream. You wouldn't know it, but this car has over 250,000 miles on it. It will compete with a 3800s/c Fiero and it gets 31mpg.

This is Dave's daily driver. Dave purchased this 1987 GT three years ago from the original owner with 59,000 miles on it. Since then, it has received a 3800s/c swap with a bunch of goodies. This truly is the way that the car should have come from the factory.