About the Guru

It all started back in 1993. That was the year that Dave purchased his first Fiero. It was a 1986 SE 2.5l five speed. In two years, over 130,000 miles were put on that little car. Realizing that the little four cylinder was drastically underpowered, Dave installed a small block Chevy 350 in the year 1995. The engine was worked with a performance camshaft, 0.030” overbore, flat top pistons, ported heads and carbureted. For the next five years, that car was a daily driver.
Realizing the little Fiero had a place in his heart, Dave since purchased many more. In 2002, he built a V8 Fiero using four Weber carburetors and added a custom paint scheme to the car.
In 2008, Dave was the first to build a Fiero using a Volkswagen VR6 (AFP) engine and transmission. The drive train took ten months to swap in and the car still retained all the VW electronics including the fly by wire throttle.
Not to be outdone, Dave has set a new standard in the series II 3800s/c Fiero swap. The attention to detail is staggering. When making the wiring harness, rather than cutting and splicing as needed, Dave will replace the ecm pin terminals to maintain a complete wire. Everything is detail. Perfection is key. If you are looking for a perfectionist to design your engine swap, Dave is your guy.
Dave has owned his own repair shop since 2002 and kept a standard that has built his reputation to be the best.

e McClung, The Guru